Healthcare Quality Improvement Consulting

The possibilities for dramatically improving healthcare are limited only by our imagination, experience, and effort.


Healthcare Quality Improvement

Lack of quality in healthcare is primarily resultant from variation in care. It follows, then, that the best way to improve care is to standardize care. In our experience, standardization is best accomplished through in-depth consideration & design, based on available evidence, of the “Best Clinical Process” (BCP); and then down-stream efforts to implement and support the BCP through programmatic decision support, performance feedback, and education designed to support process adoption and adherence.



Twine Clinical in Brief


The primary focus of Twine Clinical Consulting is to implement healthcare quality improvement initiatives, in collaboration with individual healthcare systems & offices, through comprehensive targeting of therapeutic areas where patient outcomes and cost-efficiencies are sub-standard.  Twine Clinical Consulting combines business, clinical, and process engineering consultation services, along with proven methodologies and technologies, deployed in context with the internal environment & parameters of each individual client healthcare organization, to promote meaningful and durable performance change.


Mission Statement

We supply gap-bridging consultative services and technological resources as a means to implementing the capacity to store, analyze, and act on patient- and population-centric healthcare information.  In fulfillment of this objective, we support meaningful use of information technology in medical practice and the achievement of improved healthcare outcomes and cost-efficiencies.